BHT Hospital

Not only is our BHT Clinic famous for its soothing interior aspect, it is more popularly known for delivering the best plastic surgical interventions, with uncomparable success.

Such accomplishment can be credited to our clinic merging latest surgical technologies and techniques to the unmatched expertise and passion exerted by Doctor Cengizhan and his unbeatable team of surgical experts.

medicine hospital

Because the demand for bariatric surgeries mostly stem out of necessity, we therefore found the importance of attributing to it a specialized clinic of its own.

Our Medicine Clinic is up to par with its equipment, and has an ever ready team of bariatric-specialized surgeons whose sole aim is meeting your expectations, which they never fail at.

Dental clinic

A million smiles could be put before you, but that designed by us will most definitely stand out the lot.

Estherian Dental Clinic is most definitely the plug you need for your next dental visit, thanks to the expertise and care demonstrated by Doctor Burak and his ever efficient dental team, together with which multiple smiles from from all four corners of the globe have been perfected.

With numerous interventions, testimonials and an ever increasing rate of satisfied patients, Estherian Dental Clinic gains day by day in notoriety for being the best and most reliable dental clinic in Istanbul, Turkey.