Butt silicone implants are artificial devices surgically placed in the buttocks to create volume in the area and enhance the shape of the buttocks.


Butt silicone implants are artificial devices surgically placed in the buttocks to create volume in the area and enhance the shape of the buttocks.

butt implant procedures 


Before the operation, the surgeon will discuss the options and give you advice and will do the necessary tests. The surgeon will tell you to stop taking medicines that contain aspirin or anti-inflammatory medicines because they may increase bleeding and if you are a smoker, he will ask you to stop smoking


Solid silicone implants are surgically placed into the buttocks via an incision in between the butt cheeks.

The doctor will place your butt implants either above or below the muscle depending on your preference. The implants are made from soft silicone and are inserted through a small incision. The size used is based on how much bigger you want your butt to appear and how much your skin will stretch.

After the implants are placed, the surgeon will perform the liposuction from the back, flanks, abdomen, or thigh areas to help contour the body into an hourglass shape to accentuate curves.

Then the fat extracted is purified and injected into the butt to contour a nice shape.

This procedure is sometimes combined with fat grafting for maximum results.

The fat helps to soften the implant and further round out and volumize the butt. It also gets rid of any pesky fat or stubborn fat pockets from developing and overall creates a more natural look.

It takes up to four weeks to recover from buttock surgery.


The surgeon will advise you that you don’t sit directly on your buttocks as well as refrain from sleeping on your back.

Sleeping on your side or stomach is the ideal solution. In case that you have no option but to sit on your buttocks, you should use an inflatable pillow or a donut pillow.

You should also avoid any high-impact sports or activities.

Swelling from the implant placement and liposuction is totally normal after surgery.

you will be able to see your results of a rounder and fuller butt with an improved torso immediately after surgery.

your hourglass figure will just keep getting better as the swelling goes down.

Who is a good candidate for a butt implant?

  1. You are in good health
  2. Your expectations are realistic
  3. Annoyed by the feeling that your butt is too small
  4. Your butt is asymmetrical

What are the risks of butt implant 

  • Anesthesia risks
  • bruising
  • A change in skin sensation may persist
  • fluid buildup
  • Weakness in wound healing
  • sagging skin
  • swelling
  • asymmetric pigmentation
  • Complications in the blood vessels, nerves, lungs and abdominal organs
  • blood clots
  • Cardiovascular and respiratory problems

How do I choose a plastic surgeon for butt implant surgery?

Make sure that the surgeon has experience of at least 6 years after medical school and

that he graduated from an accredited medical college

We at Estherian Clinic recommend DR. CENGIZHAN EKIZCELI, the doctor who graduated

from Istanbul University, Department of Medicine, specializing in plastic and reconstructive

surgery and has more than 10 years of experience



 How much does butt implant surgery cost?

The prices of  butt implants differ from one patient to another, as the technique

used and the areas to be suctioned play a big role in the price, and the prices of surgery

may vary if combined with other surgeries.

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How long do buttock implants last?

According to the American Society of Plastic Surgery, buttock implants take approximately 3 to 6 months to show full results

Is Turkey a good place for plastic surgery?

Turkey is included in the list of the top 5 countries in terms of cosmetic procedures, surgical and non-surgical treatments and has 10 full medical cities

What is Butt Implants Success Rate in Turkey?

According to the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, the success rate of buttock implant surgery is 95.6

Can I get Before and After Photos for Butt Implants in Turkey?

Here at Estherian Clinic, you can take pictures before and after the operation to notice the difference