It is an operation performed on the outer ear to correct the position of the ears, their size, or their shape.

As it is possible that the cartilage of the outer ear is much larger than the usual size, the ear will be prominent.

The best age for otoplasty is after the age of about five until the cartilage in the patient’s ears settles, so the child at this age can start school with normal ears.


The surgeon examines the patient’s ears and determines the best position, size, and shape.

Your doctor can also take some shots of the ears to compare them with the result after the operation.

The doctor discusses the steps of the operation and determines the best position, size, and shape.


The operation is done under general anesthesia.

The surgeon makes an incision in the back of the ear where it connects to the head so that the scar is hidden.


After the surgery, the patient must rest and keep his head elevated to reduce edema and swelling.

The patient must follow the doctor’s instructions and take the prescribed medication.