Face fat injection is a procedure that uses fat as a natural filler to improve the appearance of the face.

Face fat injection is one of the most common procedures in plastic surgery, as it is considered a natural, safer, more effective, and long-term alternative compared to the filler, as the filler injection is repeated every 6-13 months, while the fat injection continues for years to come.

The main reason for changing the face as we age is the loss of fatty tissue, so fat injection is the best option to replenish the lost volume and restore obesity, especially in the temples, eyes, eyelids, nose line, mouth, cheeks, and jawline.

Face fat injections improve your appearance and give you a rounder, younger-looking face, and smoother skin.

In addition, dry skin becomes hydrated, fine wrinkles disappear and pigmentation decreases in the face area.

Face Fat Injections Procedures


Initially, the surgeon will perform a medical examination to ensure that you are healthy, and then he will ask you to stop smoking well before the surgery.

 Avoid taking aspirin and some anti-inflammatory drugs because they may increase bleeding.


Usually, local anesthesia is used and the surgery takes about an hour.

Using the cannula, fat is suctioned from certain parts of the body such as the hips and thighs, then it is purified and then re-injected into the face with fine needles.

The patient leaves the hospital the day after the operation.


You should use ice packs to reduce swelling and bruising for the first two days.

The swelling and services decrease from the third day of the operation, up to a week.

After 3 weeks, the side effects disappear.

Who Is a Good Candidate for Face Fat Injections

  • healthy
  • non-smokers
  • Are committed to maintaining good skin health
  • You have a realistic look

What are the risks of  Face Fat Injections

  1. Skin rash with itching
  2. Skin redness
  3. Swelling
  4. Anesthesia risks

How much do Face Fat Injections cost?

The prices of Face Fat Injection differ from one patient to another, as the technique

used and the areas to be suctioned play a big role in the price, and the prices of surgery

may vary if combined with other surgeries.

Face Fat Injections Before and After Photos


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Do fat injections in the face work?

Facial injections or facial injections are an effective way to reduce wrinkles and give a more youthful appearance

Can you get fat injections in your cheeks?

Fat injections into the cheeks and under the eyes are frequently performed to treat signs and volume loss but can be used to improve other features as well.

Do fat injections last forever?

The results from facial fat injections last for several years, and in many cases, they are permanent.

How successful are fat transfers?

In general, 80 to 90 percent of the fat injected during any fat transfer process remains alive