What is Gynecomastia Surgery?

Gynecomastia is the condition of enlarged breasts in men that occurs at any stage of a man’s life.

Gynecomastia is often the result of hormonal changes, genetics, obesity, or the use of some medications.

In general, breast enlargement can go away after months to two years from the beginning of puberty, due to the change in hormone levels during puberty.

Gynecomastia surgery helps to remove excess skin and fat in the breast tissue and obtain the ideal masculine chest contours.

Gynecomastia surgery procedure :


Before the operation, the doctor conducts tests for the patient to ensure that the patient is suitable for the operation.
In cases where gynecomastia is mainly caused by excess fatty tissue, liposuction techniques can be used in some cases. The treatment is done either by liposuction or excision.

The surgeon will ask you to stop taking any medications containing aspirin and to stop smoking if you are a smoker


The surgery is performed under anaesthesia

Gynecomastia surgery is done by removing excess fat and tissue in the breast.

The surgeon makes small incisions and inserts a liposuction tube into the breast to remove the fat cells.


After the operation, the patient can go home immediately, wearing a compression bandage to reduce the tumour and cover the chest.

The man returns to daily activity two weeks after the operation and avoids strenuous physical activity for up to six weeks of recovery.

The results are immediate and permanent, and within weeks, the chest takes on a new shape.

Cracks fade with time. The patient must maintain a stable weight and exercise to get a perfect chest.

Who is a good candidate for gynecomastia surgery?

  • Men who are bothered by the feeling that their boobs are too big
  • To be in good health and of a relatively normal weight
  • Men who have realistic expectations
  • non smoker

gynecomastia surgery risks

Like any surgery, there can be risks, including:

  1. Anaesthesia risks
  2. Breast asymmetry
  3. infection
  4. constant pain
  5. Unwanted scarring
  6. Accumulation of fluid (seroma)

How do I choose a plastic surgeon for gynecomastia surgery?

Make sure that the surgeon has experience of at least 6 years after medical school and that he graduated from an accredited medical college

We at Estherian Clinic recommend DR. CENGIZHAN EKIZCELI, the doctor who graduated from

Istanbul University, Department of Medicine, specializing in plastic and reconstructive surgery

and has more than 10 years of experience

How much does gynecomastia surgery cost?

The prices of  gynecomastia differ from one patient to another, as the technique

used and the areas to be suctioned play a big role in the price, and the prices of surgery

may vary if combined with other surgeries.

Gynecomastia Surgery in Turkey Before and After Photos



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Is Turkey a good place for plastic surgery?

Turkey is included in the list of the top 5 countries in terms of cosmetic procedures, surgical and non-surgical treatments and has 10 full medical cities

Can man boobs grow back after surgery?

In general, gynecomastia surgery provides long-term results, but with weight gain it is possible to return, so we advise you to exercise continuously to maintain your body shape and health

Is it worth getting gynecomastia surgery?

If gynecomastia reduces your self-confidence and negatively affects your quality of life, then surgery is an ideal option

How long should I wear compression garments after gynecomastia surgery?

You must wear a compression garment for four weeks after surgery as it helps reduce swelling and provides support for the treated area during recovery