bbl surgery turkey

bbl surgery turkey

what is Brazilian Butt Lift  (BBL) surgery?

Brazilian butt lift is a cosmetic surgery for the buttocks to be more full by fat transfer.

BBL is used to give a rounded appearance to the buttocks by removing excess fat from other areas of the body, then the removed fat is purified and injected into the buttocks.

BBL Procedure Turkey


Before the operation, a discussion will be made with the surgeon about the operation and what is the appropriate technique for you
Here are 3 best techniques for BBL :

  • Butt lift with implants
  • BBL with Vaser Liposuction
  • BBL with Fat transfer
  • BBL with Vaser Liposuction


The procedure is performed under general or local anesthesia as decided by the doctor.

The surgeon suctions the fat and removes it from other parts of the patient’s body, by using a tube, then these removed fats will be purified using specific techniques, which will make it ready for injection to begin the bum lift surgery.

In general, your surgeon may liposuction up to three times the amount of fat than what will actually be injected into the buttocks.

The surgeon makes incisions around the buttocks in specific areas to inject fat through them.

The syringes are then connected to a special cannula.

Your surgeon will use this cannula to add the fat to the buttocks through small injections all over your behind.

The incisions will then be sealed with stitches, and the surgeon will apply compression against the operated area to reduce the bleeding.

This operation is done under general anesthesia.

This process has natural results and a more rounded background appearance.


The results of buttock augmentation are immediately visible; however, you will not see your final results until a year after the surgery.

 The surgeon will advise you that you don’t sit directly on your buttocks as well as refrain from sleeping on your back. Sleeping on your side or stomach is the ideal solution.

  In case that you have no option but to sit on your buttocks, you should use an inflatable pillow or a donut pillow. You should also avoid any high-impact sports or activities.

The results of the BBL procedure last for many years and the fat removed from other areas of the body will never reappear.

What are the risks of a Brazilian butt lift ?


  1. Anesthesia risks
  2. bruising
  3. A change in skin sensation may persist
  4. fluid buildup
  5. Weakness in wound healing
  6. sagging skin
  7. swelling
  8. asymmetric pigmentation
  9. Complications in the blood vessels, nerves, lungs and abdominal organs
  10. blood clots
  11. Cardiovascular and respiratory problems

Who Is a Good Candidate for BBL Surgery?

  • You have enough fat in other areas of the body
  • Being able to avoid sitting on your buttocks for two weeks
  • You have good skin tone

How long does it take to recover from a bbl ?

Healing is divided into two stages:

  1. The first 3 weeks , after the operation, where you will wear a compression garment that will help you recover, reduce swelling and help shrink the skin.
  2. From 4 to 8 weeks, It is recommended to avoid any physical activity that leads to stress. You can start exercising after 4 weeks after the operation.

Here at Estherian Clinic we provide you with a package of free services where after the operation you will take tight clothes and surgical pillow To sit on it after the operation and painkiller A skin cream to help heal.

BBL Turkey cost

The prices of buttock augmentation differ from one patient to another, as the technique used and the areas to be suctioned play a big role in the price, and the prices of surgery may vary if combined with other surgeries.

It is not possible to give a clear price until after a medical consultation, you can contact us for a free consultation

BBL before and after pictures

BBL in turkay
BBL in turkay
BBL in turkay


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how long does BBL last ?

The results of the BBL process appear after 4 to 6 months and can last for several years

How much is a BBL surgery?|

The prices of buttock augmentation differ from one patient to another, as the technique used and the areas to be suctioned play a big role in the price

Is Turkey a good place for BBL?

Turkey has a strong healthcare system which means that liposuction procedures are typically

safe. However, as with any surgery there are some risks involved. These include infection,

bleeding, and bruising.

How long is healing for BBL?

It depends on the areas from which the liposuction was performed, but it usually takes 3 to 6 weeks